There is this beautiful little fjord arm of the Sognefjord just around the corner from where I live. It is called Vetlefjorden, as is the valley at the shores of it. Surrounded by the majestic mountains this valley is home to many spectacular farms and extraordinary scenery. A small river flows through it and the land is used for growing vegetables or herding cows and sheep. The world is at peace here.  


This little, on - going project shall give you a an idea of the houses and farms in Vetlefjorden.

I have only started but would like to try and take a picture of all farms and houses located in the area. So if you see somebody lying in the mud near your house. That could be me. 


If it is okay (or also not okay) to take a picture of your house to be published here, please do get in touch with me or comment below the pictures.

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Katharina Photography


I am a New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) student,

based in Balestrand, by the Sognefjord in Norway,


the Success of Balestrand of Norway had given me the confidence to turn my hobby into something more professional and I Am excited of all the things I will be learning.


Join me in my journey and leave a comment.





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