Photography has made me look at the world in a different way.


It has become a challenge to find beauty where others might not see it, in things that are around me every day and that I want to capture differently.


It is an expression of my very own feeling of a person's character or a mood. It is the capturing of a special light, an everyday moment or a memorable event.


It has never been the idea of using artificial light, an arranged set up or an extensive "photoshopping" after the shot.


Therefore my pictures will never be taken in a Studio but exactly how I and where my "models" feel comfortable.


Authenticity is what I aim for and what drives me.


I hope that this is what comes across in my pictures.




The Equipment

2004 - First DLSR Camera Canon EOS 350D
2012 -  Upgrade to Nikon D7000

2012 -  Beginning of Villa Sognefjord
2013 -  Received a Nikon 1 as a gift

2013 -  first experience with Manual lenses

2013 -  Beginning of Balestrand of Norway

My Photography CV

2013 - Pictures and Website for Grønlund Hytter
2013 - Pictures and Website for Thuegaarden
2015 - First landscape Picture Sold to Balestrand Industrier
2015 - Small Exhibition in Ciderhuset Balestrand

2015 - Balestrand Calendar publishing

2016 - 7000 Followers on Balestrand of Norway In May

2016 - Student at the NYIP in Professional Photgraphy

2016 - first photoshooting in Nessane kindergarden



Katharina Photography


I am a New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) student,

based in Balestrand, by the Sognefjord in Norway,


the Success of Balestrand of Norway had given me the confidence to turn my hobby into something more professional and I Am excited of all the things I will be learning.


Join me in my journey and leave a comment.





Tel: (+47) 40046379


Tornes 15

6899 Balestrand