How it all came into being

It was always only something that I found fascinating. I may have had a different eye than others and saw the world a little different than others, but who does not?

More than anything I was lucky to own my first digital camera in my early 20s. From there on in the journey began. It was a trying out on what happens if. It was never reading a book and actually looking at it in a professional way.


Then I moved to england and was suddenly marketing my own property villa sognefjord. A new camera was needed and it became a Nikon d7000. A standard Lense on a wonderful body which i am still using now.


But then it happened. I was given an old Nikon 1 with three manual lenses (35mm, 50mm and 135mm). But not only that, these were lenses with an incredible aperture. Something that a student could have only wished for. I still think of it as a sign from heaven that I had by then bought a d7000 body, That body that actually allows fitting these old lenses.


Since then a journey of countless landscape pictures began., and combined with the idea of sharing these pictures. Balestrand of norway was born.


the little community grew, not only of local but global followers, and with it and the encouraging comments also my confidence.


A little later, in the middle of 2015 I was given a chance exhibiting my pictures, here in Balestrand, and actually even sold a couple. later in the year I was even allowed to have a few little "photoshootings" at work and for friends and their children. 


Now i am here, and have just started my course at the New York Institute of photography which needs to be finished within 18 months. An exciting, but also scary journey which i take step by step, always with a little unsure feeling if i can actually do it. But I am trying my best.


I am making my daily ferry journey to work a productive one by listening and reading about apertures and diaphragms, in summary: how to become more professional. The first assignment needs to be handed in soon and I am already creating some ideas. 


Having ideas was never a problem, I guess. So, I will keep you posted on my progress...


Stay tuned.

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