Welcome to my world.


I am not a professional, but passionate in what I do and I enjoy sharing my work, my thinking and the progress I am making while integrating it with some stories around my life in my blog.


With Balestrand of Norway it had all started and has now turned into a few other directions.


This page shall therefore be not only a portfolio of my pictures and hopefully the improvement in them, but shall also give a little glimpse into my life here in Balestrand of Norway that encorporates my work as well as a few adventures and thoughts.



Katharina Photography


I am a New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) student,

based in Balestrand, by the Sognefjord in Norway,


the Success of Balestrand of Norway had given me the confidence to turn my hobby into something more professional and I Am excited of all the things I will be learning.


Join me in my journey and leave a comment.


EMAIL: katharina@katharinaphotography.com



Tel: (+47) 40046379


Tornes 15

6899 Balestrand